Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something I Have Been Thinking About,,,

I was watching television yesterday. Nothing surprising in that statement. I love TV. Anyways, I was watching Holmes in New Orleans, Make it Right. I was shocked, impressed, angry, emotional. It was a whole gauntlet of emotions. I was shocked at the behaviour of the American government. Here is a state that is complete torn a sunder. The people of this state were rendered homeless in a matter of minutes. Most of the survivors, lost absolutely everything. Never mind that they no longer have a safe place to live, they also lost all of those mementos that keep you throughout the years to remind you of where you have been. To make it worse, the government sent in machines to level the place before the residents were even able to pick through the rubbish and collect the few belongings that remained. The levee broke. People knew that it was not going hold before this horrendous event, and did nothing.
Now here is the part I am extremely angry about. How is it, that one man, with no ties to that community, living in a totally different country, decided that something needed to be done for these people? Their government asks their able bodied citizens to fight and defend their country. They send them over seas to other countries as a means of peace keepers, righting wrongs, setting a standard. In their own backyard, they can't even clean it up and make it habitable again. Where are the contractors of the Unites States? How come they are not stepping in? I wonder where are the Bob Villa's of the Unites States.
It does look like a conspiracy theory. War torn countries have been rebuilt in a more efficient time frame than the state of Louisiana. Even the Mexican government sent in help. They have not stepped foot on United States soil since 1846. On a positive note, the technology that is being put into effect is awesome. They are using methods that in the long run, will not cost very much. Air conditioning, heating, all working through a system that utilizes water(I think it's called geo thermal), solar panels as a source of power. So, when the residents move in, their costs will not exceed their budgets.
This is one of the many reasons why I am so proud to be Canadian.
Have a good night everyone