Friday, September 14, 2012


The mini humans are back in school. They started the last week of August. I now fully appreciate that commercial from Staples:

We all went to the Brome Fair.

Enjoyed the rides, exhibits, animals, food.

I finished my shawl earlier this week, Mariposa.

I just have to re-block it once again and place it in a nice bag with a bottle of wine for the amazing woman who managed to make sense of that garden surrounding our home.

I have also decided to take a little break from knitting for a while and return to cross stitch.

This is Night Cat by Vivienne Powers.

After the contemporary cat has been finished I will move on to this one:


Reno had grown rapidly the past month. He can now eat kibble and enjoys drinking and playing in the water bowls. Napoleon is being a great big brother/influence over the little fellow. They are quite the tag team.

This is my new favourite song the moment: