Monday, June 20, 2016

Very Green With Hint of Promise

I have this garden in the back that is attached to a piece that is attached to the garage.
How is that for a sentence eh?
Let me show you a picture to better explain

As you can see, it is all very green.
I am unable to tell the difference between weeds and flowers.
To be honest, I think some of the labelled weeds are rather pretty, so I keep them.
I had a delightful surprise the other morning while I was looking at my very green garden.
There is this rose bush that lives at the back, in the middle of this green carpet.
Since we have lived here, for just over four years now, I had yet to see a single flower on this plant.
As I was sipping my coffee and just watching the antics of our feathery neighbours, I noticed that this plant had indeed sprouted a few blooms!

I have little white flowers that have finally made an appearance.
I guess we all need a bit of time to get things under control.

My herbs are doing remarkably well with the exception of my rosemary.
For future reference, I will not plant Rosemary with parsley and oregano.

I use rosemary in a lot of my recipes. There is one in particular that I discovered for a sangria that calls for Rosemary and cranberries.
We decided that since this was one of my week ends off, we would go on a little adventure and search for the valuable Rosemary.
We were not disappointed.
Not only did we find Rosemary and, a very hearty one at that!

We also found a wonderful Honey Crisp apple tree that the boys planted,

the ultimate,
best part of this little adventure
was when I finally,
after three
finally found my lavender plant!!!!!

This wonderful plant now holds a place of honour on my back deck where I can watch and marvel at its growth!

As I mentioned earlier, I was enjoying the antics of our feathery neighbours.
The little house that Hubs made has been the home a very small bird and its family.

If any of you know the name of this little bird, I would greatly appreciate the information.

It is really something to behold. The parents are a well oiled team. the male and female both bring food to the nest and both clean up the mess that the little ones leave behind. It is also interesting to me, that when they clear the nest, they travel a fair distance before dropping the evidence of their young. Quite clever these little birds.

Another surprise we had this week end was this little fluff ball.

Unfortunately, he fell from his nest and we were unable to find it.

To try and keep him safe, we hid him under the rhubarb where mom and dad, who were close by, could watch him and do their best to help.

I enjoyed a bit of the outdoors myself by working on a charcoal drawing for someone.

I finally found the spray I can use to keep the charcoal on the paper on off my hands.
I'm off to do that now actually.
Jackie has promised to supervise.

I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather.
Happy first day of Summer!!!!