Friday, December 28, 2018

Thank You 2018

I just glanced at my calendar at work and realized we are almost through the year!
As I am sure with you, there were lots of ups and downs.
I am content with my learning process of watercolour painting.
When I had first started ages ago, I would have never thought I would pick up those paints again.
It just did not go well.
After the long break, I thought, why not?
I am glad I did!
Here is another I have just completed titled, Lighthouse.

It is based on a photo I found on Unsplash.

Of course I have been knitting up a storm.
I completed a pair of socks from Knit Picks' Artful Arches

The pattern is, Westney Socks, by Dana Gervais. Yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering Multi Rose City. They took me a bit of time as I had to fiddle with a way that allowed me to wrap multiple stitches as cleanly as possible. I'm sure there are more effective, easier ways than I engineered but, I managed and I am happy with the result.

I am steadily progressing on my Ten Stitch Blanket.

I just randomly pull out a scrap ball and tie it into my blanket. There is really no rhyme or reason. I have a feeling it will be quite the kaleidoscope of colour.

Also, I made this wonderful mittens for a friend!
How Cold is It?

If you are a bit sensitive to cursing, you might want to scroll quickly down past the next photograph.

The recipient was pleased with her new mitts.

For the most part, Jackie and I have just been enjoying the rapidly changing weather.
One day there is two feet of the snow on the ground. The next it is +10. Today it is currently +2 and sleet.

Someone also turned 16! Where on Earth did those last few years even go?
The boy is now way taller than I am. I never really thought I was short until I was struggling to reach something on the top shelf.
He strolls over and plucks it down like no one's business.

I am super happy with how this cake turned out!

We have had some interesting times this boy and I.
We have disagreements.
I nag him.
He calls me mom.
I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Speaking of family,
Nice segue eh?
We put up our Christmas tree.

Shortly after, all my Christmas decorations began migrating to the top of the tree because of this little guy!

Rorschach was on hand to remind us he is the gift.
It was many days of me playing hide and seek with my ornaments.
This particular one,
I have had since I was quite little. My mom gifted it to me last year.
Poor Mr. Snowman was swimming in someone's water dish.
I dried him off and re-located him into the ornament protection plan.

Lastly, I want to show you my Christmas Cactus!!
I never thought it would ever bloom!
It was so sad looking for most of the year,

I am so proud of this little guy.
He is hiding in the bathroom to avoid the mayhem that comes from my gardening cats.

I think that sums it up.
I hope you are all well and enjoyed a lovely holiday so far.
I wish you all the best for 2019!
(it feels really weird to write that)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Some More of This with a Side of That

I hope wherever you may be that you are all happy and healthy. I have been enjoying the change of the seasons and a little hiatus.
There are quite a few projects on the go. With the start of all these new television shows and to the addition of Netflix! my knitting is taking center stage once again. I have been so wrapped up and just enjoying the process, I forget to take photos of my work.
These are some that I did remember to photograph:
These are sock from Knit Picks, Artful Arches

I worked on them during the hockey games on Saturday nights. I must remember to to show you the completed pairs.

With all of the socks I have knit, I have quite the collection of scraps left over. I found this pattern called, Ten Stitch Blanket.

It is perfect for watch shows with heavy plot lines!

I ventured into Michael's looking for a few art supplies and could not resist this cute little bundle.

The pom pom did me in. I do not usually knit toques with pom pom's. I decided to make an exception for this one.

I have also been busy painting.
These are a few that I am working on:

They are both oil on canvas. I might go a little abstract with these.

I have completed a few watercolours as well:
This was a feather I discovered in my travels with Jackie,

The Forest is based on an image I saw on Unsplash

This is from a tutorial Pinterest suggested,

My favourite holiday was a pleasant surprise.
I honestly thought that Hallowe'en this year would be low key this year due to all the rain that was to be foretasted.
I am pleased to say I was wrong.
We carved our Jack-O-Laterns the night before.

Rorschach was quite confused.

I had brought the pumpkins inside so that when we carved them, they would not be so cold to the touch. He sat next them most of the day. When we started to hack away, he looked at us like we were complete monsters. All was forgiven when he made off with a piece of pumpkin that had fallen onto the floor.
I dressed in my go-to outfit and did my very best at make-up with the thought that there would not be that many trick or treators:

Surprisingly, we had a lot of Trick or Treators!
They began arriving just after 16h00. The little monsters, princesses and super heroes were all so delighted to see me and I of course them! We complemented each other on our outfits and had a wonderful night!
Jo helped to shell out and keep Jackie occupied. Rorschach remained well hidden upstairs and did not emerge until well after 22h00. Napoleon and Tom sat in the window and watched the parade of visitors from a safe vantage point.
Now everything is packed away and ready for next year.

Last but not least, Jackie is starting to enjoy her mani-pedi.
We were having such a difficult time trimming her nails. She was never hurt and we are always so careful but, Jackie just not like her nails trimmed!
Jo found a solution that makes it easier for both.
He sewed a harness that is suspended from the ceiling on a series of pulleys. It is made from an old soft blanket and some broom handles.
Leg holes were cut out and reinforced with zig zag stitching.
Jackie is suspended high enough that Jo no longer experiences back pain. Her line of sight is obstructed so she cannot really see what is happening thus lessening the anxiety.
Photos would be better to explain:

After everything is trimmed and filed, Jackie receives her treat. She has started to anticipate the steps and actually walks into the harness without barely any coaxing from Jo.

I think that about sums up my little adventures. Until next time!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Is It Already That Time?

I always browse through the news with my coffee before I begin my day whether it be morning on my day off or night before I start work.
I do not always understand what is happening but, I try to be somewhat informed. Usually I end up with a greater appreciation of where I live.
This morning I see they are experiencing snow flurries in Calgary.
We are still in the midst of summer. It will be around 25 to 29 degrees Celsius this week.
School has been in full swing since the end of August. It had taken me about that long to get back into my routine.
I have two different routines. One for days off and one for work days.
Today is my day off.
I wake up a little more slowly. Enjoy my coffee more and stay in my pajamas a little longer.
Then we (Jackie and I) figure out what to eat to tie us over until Lunch.
We run a little on the elliptical machine. Well, I run she lies on the bed looking at me like I'm crazy for doing all this movement and not actually go anywhere.
Then we shower up and make ourselves more presentable for the public. Jackie does not have much prep work. She is just adorable no matter what she does.

We go for a walk. Usually just around town. That way we check out the mail. It does not get delivered to our house. We need to go to the post office. Although we do get packages delivered, like my comics!
If we do not feel like staying in town, we venture out to new areas!
This was from our most recent adventure in Farnham.

When we are not out and about exploring, there are lots of things to do around our home.
We like to sit outside and wait for nature to come to us!

Sometimes while we sit outside we knit, draw, paint or read. I try to get out there as much as I can now while the weather is more co-operative. In Canada, winter is usually just around the corner as Calgary has pointed out to me this morning.
On my needles are a pair of socks called

Most of my drawings and paintings are quick little sketches in my journal.

According to Jackie and Mr. Monkey, I have been sitting here long enough. Time to move.

Talk with you later!