Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello August

July was a decent month. There was a little bit of drama, but nothing we cannot handle.
I completed my cross stitch, Colourful Night Cat.

I have even started on my next large cross stitch pattern, Deathabilly.

Please ignore the pet hair.

The garden is doing amazing.
My tomatoes are almost taller than me.

I think we will have quite the harvest this season.

I had the pleasure of sampling some with my dinner last night.

I love the colours of this particular fruit. I'll have to remember to look for the name next time I go outside.

Even Hub's pepper plants are off to a good start.

Our Honeysuckle is thriving. You can even see it from down the street.

I have also been knitting, but it is more out of habit. I don't really feel like actually completing my projects. I go through these periods of inactivity quite often. It will pass.

I also celebrated my birthday. It was quiet. I loved it.
Jacob baked me a cake and made a very tasty supper.
I couldn't be more proud.
He is turning out to be quite the chef.

I don't think we took a photo of the meal. We must have been too busy enjoying it.
You will just have to take me word for it!

To top off the month of July, Little Man is now employed.
He has a job looking after a large Retriever named Clifford.
He will have to go everyday, ensure Clifford has food and water and goes out to do his business.
His employer is beyond relieved to have found someone to dog sit his fuzzy child and Jacob couldn't be happier.
This may not seem like a big deal, but it is huge.
This young man is finally starting to have confidence in himself. This time last year it was like pulling teeth trying to get Jacob to say what he felt. People were walking all over him and Jacob was allowing it to happen. The very worse? It members of his own family. He started to stand up those people. It took a lot courage. Now those people have blocked him on facebook. At the end of the day however, he is becoming his own man. He has a sense of right and wrong. He is gaining some inner confidence. I like to think he is has his feet on the right path.

Oh! Another huge deal!!
I am now married to a non smoker.
I can safely say that Jo has been smoke free for a month. He started out with the patches. He went through two weeks of those. On the third stage he decided they were not really helping. He cut them off. Now he explains to me that he just gets these little thoughts about smoking. Usually when he is bored. Jo has found however, that if he says what is on his mind, does not let people get away with too much unnecessary drama, there is absolutely no craving whatsoever.
I'm quite proud of these men in my life. We have all come a long way. I am looking forward to this next month to see what new adventures await us!