Friday, September 5, 2008

They're Here!

I've been waiting for these to arrive since I learned they had been sent out. I'm very excited. I'm not sure what my little bits will be.

Did anyone else find it a terribly long week?
The little darlings are now in school where I live. I've been talking with loads of anxious, demanding, friendly, aggressive, scary parents all week. I am so happy to be home now and away from all that chaos I'm actually just sitting here with nothing turned on (except the PC of course!). I usually have music or the television on in the background. I hate to feel alone. The other voices, even if generated, are a comfort to me.

Tomorrow we will be at Sparfest. This is an informal kick boxing event where fighters just try out their combinations and learn more about where they need to improve. Hubby is stoked!

I'm off to plan what I will be contributing to those scarves. Enjoy the night everyone. As soon as I complete my projects, I will share a few pics with you all.

Monday, September 1, 2008

It Had to Come to an End Sometime

I had a great Labour Day week end. We had a surprise visit from my parents. They just decided it was time to leave the cocoon and visit the daughters. My sister's place is next on their agenda. We did a few things while they were here. My husband and Step-father saw the The Steam Era fair with my father-in-law. I took my Mom gallivanting around the nearby towns. We had a great lunch/breakfast. (I like to start breaky around noonish, Mom is partial to actually eating breakfast in the designating morning hours.) After our meals, we went to Chapters. I bought a few books. One of which I have been waiting for, for quite some time.

I love this author. I find her clever and witty and I actually laugh out loud at some of the scenarios her characters experience.

I enjoyed this author's Mistress of Death so much, I readily acquired this book:

I also completed my Rattlesnake Creek Socks well before the close of the time limit, 2245h as opposed to 2356h from the last session.

Upon this completion, I have ample time to properly begin the Smelly Socks:

And just for fun.....
This is what happens when hubby is in possession of the camera:
Interesting rocks,

Cute little garden accessories,

Very large mobile home,

Step-dad's Truck,

Bug on the side of the trailer,

Funny signage,

Last but not least, My Parents:

Hope the long week end was good for you. Sleep well everyone. We will need all the sleep we can get to be rested for the onslaught of little ones tomorrow, first day of school!