Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Went Out ........ myself. I did really well! Last night I went to my work's Euchre myself! I did great. I had the fourth highest hand out of all the participants and third highest out of the women. (Including one man we made a woman because we were short one:P)

I went out today, by myself, to the mall. I am looking for a few garments for work and every day occurrences because I seem to have gone down a few sizes. Items in my closet are not fitting properly. :D

I bought a few dresses:

a skirt:

and a thing to charge the Playstation controllers because Chewy, a.k.a. Napoleon, insists on chomping down on every wire in the apartment:

I made sure this one was wireless.

Do you see the theme of me going out, by myself? I never would have done this before. I always went out to events or places with someone. I never felt comfortable going anywhere on my own. These last few weeks have been very important for me. I am feeling stronger all the time. I guess the word would be empowered? Whatever it is, I like it!

Now because of all this lovely greenery,

I'm off for a nap with a few allergy pills and drink. Enjoy your week end everyone!