Tuesday, November 22, 2016

There is Pie

And quite a bit of it!

Which is good, because looking at all the snow we received the past few days, I really do not want to leave the warmth of my home.

Jackie however, had other ideas:

We need to be outside! Now!

So off we went!
While out enjoying the blistering, blowing snow, we followed some rabbit tracks,

We ran around like crazy for a bit,

Napoleon thought about it.....for a few seconds, which is longer than his attention span, and gave that idea a very big nope.

That was also by the way, one of the quickest nopes I have seen from this cat.

Rebel has absolutely zero interest in the outside world.
He found a freshly emptied laundry hamper to sleep in for a bit.

Actually, after last night at work, a good sleep sounds great right now.
Good plan Rebel. I'd high five you, but you are still sleeping.

I hope you all are healthy and warm.
Talk with you later!