Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things are Finding Their Place....

.........and so am I.
My sleep schedule is a bit of messed up, but then again, I`ve never had a normal sleep pattern. Right now, I work two nights, off a few days, work three nights, off a few days and so forth. I like this schedule. It gives you a well deserved break after some particularly hectic days. It also provides me with the chance to be a day walker.

I just about have my truck road worthy. I`m trying to get my driver`s license and license plates switched. Then I can get the necessary insurance. There is also something about an inspection. I`m not terribly worried about this inspection. It`s a new truck. If it doesn`t pass, I`ll do the Canadian thing and write a letter to GMC. :)

We had an interesting night this week. It was for me at least. The fire department drove by and announced over their loud speaker not to drink the water. The water is bad. It sounded like something out of a movie. I suspect with all the rain and flooding in this area, the amount of water that has been accumulated in the reserves has made the purification plant go into overtime.

I still have boxes everywhere. It is like a giant puzzle trying to see where everything will fit. Meshing two households is tricky. I never thought it would be simple, but still, it is tricky. So my plan today will be to eat a bit of yogurt, unpack a box and play Assassin`s Creed. Nothing to strenuous. I already vacuumed and did up the dishes and my very important cup of coffee while playing Farmville :P.

To all you mom`s out there, Happy Mother`s Day. I hope you have a fantastic day.