Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Call Me...

Typhoid Mary, Bringer of the Plague.
I was suffering from a horrible cold earlier this week. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better, however.......I have managed to share my illness with.......everyone! Guess who's not very popular at work this week.

Since today was P. A. Day (students not attending school) we all agreed at work to wear jeans and just take it a little bit easier. I took it a lot easier.
I probably shouldn't have photographic evidence, but, I'm just really proud of my shoes and love to share.

I have had to restart my Ziggy socks. Again. It would seem the creative team has a thing with my choice of yarn. They keep absconding with the work in progress. Don't be fooled! They only look sweet and innocent.

Yes. Rebel is laying on an LCBO bag.

So here is my third attempt:

I'm finding this fit a lot tighter than what I'm used to. If I were to knit these again, I would cast on an extra 6 stitches to make them easier to wear. So far, they fit, just a bit tight.

And oh ho, what have we here?
A blue sky!

and the moon?
This was taken around 1700 today. It just caught me off guard to see the moon so early in the afternoon.

What are every one's plans for our long week end? Mine is laundry. We won't be traveling too far, as I have infected the Husband :(
Sorry Hun. Remember that bit about in sickness and in health? hehehehe.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!