Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

I hope the weather cooperates with your week end activities. The start of summer is going quite well at my end of the world. Today happens to be a bit cloudy, but that is a welcome reprieve from the heat we have been experiencing. My plants are doing fairly well.
The exception seems to be my honeysuckle. Something has started to mummify my beloved plant.

I haven't a clue what is causing this. The Honeysuckle tend to bloom twice. I'm hoping after all the flowers drop off, that the second blooming period will be without incident.

My tomatoes are doing great!

So are my lilies!

We had frost much later this spring. I think that is the reason why the Red Lily Eating Beetles did not do their usual damage this year.

We also had more activity from our feathery neighbours, which I have recently learned are Winter Wrens!

Jackie felt it was her duty to protect the feathery babies.

She takes her job very seriously. The parents seem to have accepted the fact that they have sentinel standing guard.

The day after we shot these photos, the little ones had left the nest. We could hear the chirping every time Jackie went to explore the backyard.

This is my first night off in quite some time. It will probably be an early night for me. I hope you are well.
Happy 4th to my southern neighbours!