Monday, October 22, 2012

I Actullay Cooked a Chicken....

.....But there are no pics. I was too nervous to remember to take photos.
We celebrated a very quiet Thanksgiving. Just the five of us. Mom-in-Law joined our merry little party.
On the table were coleslaw, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, dressing (stuffing), gravy, cranberry sauce and the chicken. All of which I made/prepared myself. I am pleased to note, there was not much left over. I figured it was a good little feast if the kiddos ate it without complaint. They even complimented me between mouthfuls!
Everything else has been rather quiet over here.
It was a very nice fall day yesterday so I got my butt in gear and actually planted tulips.

The before shot of my shoes...

And the after...

While I was playing in the dirt,

Hubs was working on the roof of the garage.

80 bulbs were buried!

Sort of looks like a weird burial site eh?

Little Reno is also growing quite a bit.

He is even learning to share,

That is MY bed Mister..

Now we go Trick or Treating?!?!

He is a difficult image to capture.

I'm off to sleep before work tonight.
Hope everything is good with you and yours!