Monday, August 18, 2008

Ready to Go

I completed my section for a traveling scarf. I'm quite pleased. My goal was to try and make it look like it belonged to the scarf. I did not want it to appear just tacked on. I do after all, have standards.

I think it looks neat from the back view as well:

Have a safe voyage to your next destination my friend. I'm sure it will be just as exciting as staying with the inmates at this little asylum.

Further adventures of Napoleon and the talkative Mr. Tail:

What's that Mr. Tail?

No, no, no. I mustn't. It will cause the big one to become angry.

I'm just going to maintain a low profile and see what conclusion Cybil finally arrives at.

I have completed my Philosopher's Socks. I am very happy with these little socks. They fit perfectly.

I had a rough start to my day this morning. I have been experiencing the worst allergies in quite some time. It never seems to stop. I ended up taking a personal day because I can't stop sneezing or blowing my nose or even think straight with all this added pressure in my head. I hope it ends soon. At least the sun is showing itself today!

Have a great day everyone.