Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Napoleon

He actually does sleep!

In other Napoleon news....
The Vet will be ordering pills for the fuzzy child to help control his twitching. Napoleon`s twitching, not the Vet`s. I`m not honestly sure if the Vet twitches or not. I`ve never actually met the Vet. The last appointment was in the afternoon when I was sleeping to prepare for night shift. Apparently, the twitches that Napoleon experiences are rather unusual in that they happen so often. The vet office do not keeps these magical pills on hand and they have to be specially ordered.

I really hope these pills work.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New PC

I was really frustrated with waiting forever and a day for things to load properly. Last week I decided to screw waiting until we move and just go out and buy another one. I am quite happy I made that decision. Now I am working with a machine I do not need to beg to turn on or just load something this century. It just does what it is supposed to do. I`m really pleased. It`s all so shiney and new. There are even letters on the keyboard. My old keyboard did not have all the letters because of all the use.
February 1st is our official moving day. I had to check the calendar and was relieved to learn I do not work that day. That will make things so much less stressful. I am still keeping on eye on Rebel in case he accidentally gets packed into a box. Poor old guy does move as fast as he used to and the kids are packing anything and everything they can get their hands on.
I also finished a set of mittens for January. This is the pattern I used for Ruba`iyat Mittens, created by Heather Desserud. There are a few errors on one of the mittens I created, but for once, not enough to make me want to rip the mitten apart and begin again.

I`m quite pleased!

I posted something on Facebook the other day that had caught my attention when I was glancing through the boy`s homework:
Why are elementary students allowed to address their teachers by their first names?
I was surprised at the mixed opinions. I am really uncomfortable with students calling their profs by their given names. I guess it is old fashioned and times are changing. For me, it is not only just the idea of tradition but also a sign of respect. It creates a very important boundary. This also reminded me of all the stories in the news about teachers having sexual relations with their students. It`s not that I assume the two thoughts are dependant upon each; it is just another factor I think about when students are too chummy with their teachers. Teachers can be your friend, but their primary concern is to have a young person`s mind prepared to enter into the real world. Parents should be helping by arming their young charges with proper decorum, social skills, common sense and all that good stuff. I guess there are worse things to be concerned about than how your children address their teacher. This was just my little thought for the day.

Now for something less serious:
Rebel is packed and ready to move into our new home!