Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good News!!

I thought this was funny:


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

That's not the good news though.
I finally found my size 3 circs! Now I can commence serious knitting on sock from tour hosted by local yarn shop. I've started the toe:

I also thought about re-knitting the Bordello sock. I was not pleased with the spaces between stitches at the seaming area.

I frogged it, and began again with a few extra stitches. So far, so good.

I have also made excellent progress on my Berlin Muster(sp.?) socks, despite a few glitches.

I have had to postpone knitting due to the pattern being under Rebel. I'm not going to bother him. Hubby also is a little nervous when it comes to retrieving things from Rebel. He is a "get what he wants" type of fellow.

I'm very excited for my week end to arrive. I'm willingly leaving my apartment to hang out with someone very cool. The bonus is, I'm not on call. Yea Me!!!
Hope you all have a great night.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Proud New Owner........

I am now the proud new owner of a pimped out screen door. There's a bit more to the story than that. Just give me a second and I will share. I am a little sleep deprived given the events from last night.
First, the pager went off at 200am. A concerned citizen telephone the answering service to page me. Apparently, a school bus, (not running) had the overhead lights (those flashy red ones that tell the public to stop) and the indicator lights blinking on and off. I blame the gremlins that dwell in the engine.
Then, there was a very loud bang. Rebel and Napoleon mounted an escape around 300am. We keep a broom handle jammed in the screen door to prevent the way too smart for their own good creatures from entering the balcony.

I don't have any worries about Rebel, it's Napoleon that concerns me. Rebel's main goal is to walk a few feet and then sit. That's it. The only time he moves any faster than his I'm just too cool for you walk, is when he hears the kibble hit the dish. Napoleon on the other hand, is from another dimension. How else can you explain the super quick exits and materializing in various parts of the apartment within a matter of seconds? Anyway, I'm sort of proud that they acted together for a change instead of warring over territory. On the other hand, I'm now minus a screen door.
Due to my keen detective skills, it would appear that Rebel removed the broom handle (Exhibit A). Napoleon is not strong enough for such a feat. After Exhibit A was removed from the scene, the two suspects ventured onto the balcony. Hubby (Witness 1) woke up to the noise and began a preliminary investigation. Upon entering the scene, he spied Culprit 1 (Rebel) sitting under the lawn chair looking out over the passing traffic. He was finally able to remove the suspect and take him into custody. After entering the domicile, he realized we were minus one family member. Not to fear, the remaining suspect was caught performing a B & the neighbouring apartment. It would appear that Napoleon really liked the area rug the neighbours possess. So to cap it all off, we spent a few hours trying to bribe Napoleon to leave the comfort of the area rug and return to our side of the balcony.
I'm now just to wore out to provide any form of baricade to prevent this from happening again. We just have to leave the screen door shut, regardless of the heat, until we fix the screen.
This is Rebel's new favourite spot. He likes to rotate them frequently. By Wednesday, he will be on to a new favourite spot.

Today, Napoleon decided to finish off the screen door.

We will have to wait until payday to remedy this new escape route.
Other than the little glitch, we had an excellent week end. We enjoyed an awesome supper of steak of veggies.
Scraps even partook in the festivities.

The wine was neat. This is the first time I had ever seen a glass stopper.

This was the temperature when the sun finally went down.

For you kind Americans:

I also managed to do some knitting.

I have some other socks I am supposed to start for the next session at the local yarn store, but my size 3 circs are missing in action. I'm hoping they weren't dragged into the neighbouring apartment as some form of payment for whatever Napoleon thinks is so bloody interesting over there.
I'm going to hope for an eventless night and go to sleep. I hope you are well. Night.