Thursday, May 27, 2010

Demon Cats and Potato Salad

When you have a massive storm brewing and the weather has reached record temperatures that we have never seen since 1939, you make potato salad and fry some chicken.

This was certainly a whole new experience in my little kitchen. I already knew how to make potato salad. I must say, it is quite good. This frying chicken thing? Well this is a whole new mission for google. I just typed in chicken, fry, and no deep fryer and was provided with a very easy recipe.

So here is my chicken hidden in the flour mixture of flour, garlic powder, sea salt, and a bit of pepper:

I fried it in a pan on the stove top until no pink juice were visible. I am thrilled I was able to have the balcony door open. There was quite a bit of smoke. I really didn't want to meet my neighbours tonight.

Napoleon and Rebel headed for outside. I think they remember the grilled cheese incident when I first moved in here.

This is my supper:

Not bad eh?

Have a good night everyone. Friday is just next door!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Comic Crawl

I haven't done a pub crawl since my late teens, early twenties. I find that I have a better stocked liquor cabinet than most bars. I was never really one for dancing in small, very crowded bars. I would go because the friends I was hanging out with at the time loved them. I did enjoy myself. I always heard new music that I would never listen to on my own. Drunk people watching is way more fun that sober people watching. I did actually dance. Maybe not that all great, but there was moving happening. lol.

Anyways, I digress. Yesterday morning, I went to Toronto in search of comic books. He was hunting for Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic. I was just looking for something unusual and odd. After all, it is Toronto. There is bound to be something catches my attention.
I googled comic stores in Toronto and was provided with apparently the top ten establishments. And away we went!
What I love most about Toronto is the variety. You will encounter absolutely everything and then some. It is a beautiful city. Whatever you are searching for, it will be there. You sometimes just have to be patient and treat it as a scavenger hunt. There is always some sort of construction going, which has its pros and cons. On one side, something is getting improved or created from scratch. On the other hand, something may be getting replaced or destroyed. It all depends on your perspective.

It is a very creative and unique city. There are displays of sculptures and paintings everywhere!

Even store fronts are works of art:

Comic book stores are no exception. The first one we found was The Beguiling. There are two floors of books, movies, action figures and who knows what else to sift through. Since it was my first visit, I found it a bit overwhelming. I tend to get into overload mode when there is some much for my to see in such a confined space. This store wasn't exactly small, but with all the items lined up from floor to ceiling, it may appear to be more compact.

Across the street from The Beguiling is Vintage Video. Now this was a pleasant surprise. You name the movie and I bet that it can be found somewhere within the walls of this establishment!

I emerged from the store with this little gem:

I love Vincent Price!

Dragon Lady Comics in Little Italy is where I found my Daredevil comics.

For me, this store had the best arrangement for a first time visitor to navigate.

With all the hype surrounded the Silver Snail, we had to visit that place as well. There were lots of things to look at but in all honesty, I was not as impressed as all the hoopla makes it out to be. Don't get me wrong, it was still worth the dollar to park.

We also found Hairy Tarantula. With a name like that, you know have to step inside.

I think that about covers my day. I know there is so much more I can share, I am just unsure how to describe. So why don't I leave you with some more pics of Toronto? I'm off to mom-proof my apartment before my parents land. Have a great May 2 4 everyone!