Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Artsy Stuff

It is much to damp to venture outside today.

The snow is beginning to melt and a lot of mist is rising making visibility a little tricky.
Instead, we have been playing a lot of video games and working on improving our watercolour paintings.
I saw we. I realize how odd that might sound. You see, I am never really alone when I work on my drawings and paintings.
I always have fuzzy supervision!

Jackie likes to provide her two cents from a comfy place on the couch.

Rorschach on the other hand,

well, he likes to get right involved with the process!

I had decided to participate in an exhibit hosted through Twitter, Twitter Art Exhibit, "Benefiting Pegasus Riding For The Disabled of ACT Inc."
Thousands of artists of all different levels of expertise from all over the globe, paint a two dimensional postcard and send it on its merry way to Australia.
Proceeds benefit a non-profit organization helping people with disabilities experience a whole other world of farm life and horses.
My contribution is a little Maple Leaf.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

Since then I have tackled a few other watercolours:

I have been watching a lot of videos and trying to improve. There is a whole world of information I have not yet stumbled upon. I can only get better!
I also completed a pencil drawing:

I don't really know if this is finished. I will study it tomorrow.

I also have an oil painting I'm working on. More accurately, on and off again. I don't know. I'm ok with it. I like the subject. I just seem not really excited by it. I will take a little break and look at it again next week.

Oh yes! I finally finished Little Man's toque!

I ripped it apart and started anew. He is much more pleased with the fit contrary to his expression. He is suffering a bit from a cold.
Those mittens are still giving me dirty looks though....
Might have to tackle them this week end.

I'm going back to play more God of War
I like the story line. I die an awful lot but, it is worth it!

Talk with you all later. :)