Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Unexpected Day

The Kitchener/Waterloo Knitter's Fair was yesterday. I had received the postcard in the mail, but I did not really have the intention of going. When I woke up around noonish......Husband asked if we were going. Hmmmmm. So it was decided we would go to the fair. I had thought, (very glad I was wrong), that Husband would be much too tired to wander in and amongst the many knitters and their wares as he was soundly passed out on the couch the night before:

I also discovered my camera has a black and white feature:

Don't think I won't be experimenting with this little lens a lot more in the future.

We were off to a late start, but made time quickly on the highway.

Me and my happy face because I am driving!

Usually when we go to this event, some sort of weird occurrence happens along the way. Last year there was a massive truck tire that blew in front of us. The year prior the 401 was completely closed due to a very bad multi-car pile-up. Yesterday's events were just a lot of rain, which I'm very happy to deal with. That is why vehicles are equipped with wipers

Upon arrival, we found Wannietta armed to the teeth with a good day's worth of discovery. From the expression of fun on her face, I could tell we were in for a treat when we finally get to go into the show.

The show was in two rooms this year. There was so much to see. I'm glad Husband came along as he is the better equipped to see colours. (You bring home what you think is a soft pink only to learn after the socks are made, it is in construction worker orange! I just claim it was a bold choice for fashion that day.) There were so many vendors. All of which were yarn sellers with the exception of the wooden button manufacturer and the Bead FX Inc. booths. Usually when I attend these events, I'm disappointed with the lack of yarn and the over representation of quilters. I have no problems with these crafts, but when I am told a creative needle festival, I would love to see every one's crafts represented equally. I am not a quilter and nor do I intend to start. My poor little apartment can only house so much of my hobbies.

Here is the yarn that managed to find its merry way into my bag:

Now this is a cool thing:

I love the kits that this company puts together. I was very successful with the last one I purchased that contained a cute little truck sweater. Sometimes, I just don't want to have to hunt for the right amount of skeins in the same dye lot. I'm lazy like that at times. With this, that part of the work is done for you. I loved this sweater. It is so soft and vibrant, something every little girl should have. I had a Dickens's of a time trying to figure out the sizing. The kind lady that manned the booth asked if I required assistance.
Well, I started, If you were about 3 and this tall and this wide, what size would you be? Greatfully, she set me on the right path and I believe this sweater will also be a success.

My colour translator has informed me, that this is a bright pink and red combo. It is from Cotton Licious and the colour is called Sunset. It also came in a perfect little plastic carrying case that the recipient can use to store whatever it is three year old needs to contain.

These two balls came in a bag together. The person who grouped them, also included a pattern for a scarf. I'm not sure if that will be their purpose, but I am curious to see how they will develop. I just like the contrast between the two, one is of a paper quality and the other a super soft chunky merino. I love the colour the blue. It is usually one of my "go to" choices.

Now here is something very awesome:

The label has been torn through shipping and handling. The label should read Tofutsies. (I had to google that name several times to make sure i had it spelt right. It is not an easy word to wrap your mind around!) And... as a bonus, it says, Limited Edition. I didn't notice that until just now. Upon closer inspection, it says it is Chitin. A fiber made from crab and shrimp shells. Now that is super cool. I just bought it because I loved the colour. I feel so special now.

This one is also a neat choice. It is made of Fiesta and the name of the skein is Ballet and the colour is Safari. I love how the people that man these booths are so passionate about their work. The woman kindly explained to me that the people who make this yarn, use the colours they are strongly influenced by in Mexico. The texture is so soft and it reflects the colours used in the skein wonderfully.

I found this one at the same booth as the ones above put together for a scarf. A few winters ago, I had made a toque out of similar wool. My mother loved it so much, I gave it to her. I missed it in my collection of woollies, and was forever searching for another similar but never quite finding the right one until yesterday. So this red little number will become a toque. It is a fast knit. I made the other during an episode of Law & Order. Every now and again, you need a small quick project to get the juices going.

The picture does not do it justice. I can't seem to find a happy medium. With the flash on, you can see the colour and not the label. Without the flash, it is vice versa. This is Rowan Biggy Print. 100% wool. The colour is red, but they don't have an actual colour name on the label. I will christen it Awesome Red!

Husband chose these skeins:

He is as attracted to bright colours as I am. The girl at the booth was awesome. She was a young lady with a few piercings and a very kick ass pair of boots. Anyone who can pull those off is a cool rocker chick in my books! We are few and far between. Anyone can dress as a yuppie or a suburbanite mom. Very few can pull of a bold punk/rocker look and make it real. I should have taken her picture but I did not want to appear freaky :(

I am not sure what these will become:

I just liked the colours. It reminded me of the plaid shirts I wore in high school during the nasty grunge phase. Let's call it homage to Le Grunge. hehe.

Overall, it was a wonderful day. There were so many colours. I think I felt up a thousands skeins of yarn. hehehehe. The stamp on my hand that says I paid to get in, is very correct in being a smiley face. I had a wickedly good time and I couldn't ask for a better day.
Because I have rattled on so much now, here is more of what happens when Husband has the camera, enjoy:

Husband looking oh so pensive.

Took me a while to figure out what he was giggling over.

A Biker convention?

We can't help but be attracted to bright, shiny and flashing.

This one just appealed to our East coast roots.

These are just some cool shots I would love to paint one day:

Hope you all enjoy the rest of day. Thank you for hanging out with me and ramblings. I'm off in search of food. The kids next door are heavy into the ganja tonight and it is making my appetite scream. Who knew second hand weed would have that effect?
Night all.