Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Enjoyable Days

Not too far from me, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc.
There are many regions that experiencing massive flooding.
People are evacuating their homes or trying to save what possessions they own.
The armed forces have been called in to deal with the state of emergency.
I am lucky.
My region is just experiencing a lot of rainfall.
While we are confined indoors, I binge watch The Handmaid's Tale and knitting my socks, with a bit of help.

These are Symphony Socks,

I have never really knit with beads before. I had a bit of trouble trying to use a crochet hook to incorporate them. The hook just did not fit through the bead. I tried using a piece of dental floss. That method worked but, it was rather fiddly.
Hubs saw my struggle and went to work on creating me this little hood from a paper clip.

I hope you can see the picture. It really is quite a small little hook!
These are ones I am currently working on called, Jeck.

In between bursts of rain, Jackie and I try to walk.
We have seen quite a few interesting things and creatures.

At home the Tulips and Daffodils are doing well.

The Tulips have some very interesting colours.

What a fun few days.
I really did enjoy them.
It is a bit early here, but I am sleepy.
Off to bed I go.
I hope you are well.