Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Pie and Knitting Stuff

My parents arrived for Thanksgiving and we all survived.
This was the first time I was not working during the holiday.
I invited my parents to eat at our place on the actual day for a change.
I think it was very difficult for my Mom to actually let someone else do the cooking.

This proved a trifle too difficult for my Mom, so she instructed her captive audience on how to make a pumpkin pie:

Reno is the only one who actually knows what went into this pie.

And he is not talking.

The visit might have proved too much for my parents. Little Man scared the crap out of them with a preview of his Halloween costume. Upon their return home, their doctor questioned their dietary habits of recent days because the blood levels were a little off. I guess when you are used to eating food prepared with little to no spice, the body gets out of whack when things like garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper are added.
The parental unit did say the food was very good, just they cannot really eat as much as they did. Good thing we don't do this too often.

Since I booked off this week in celebration of Halloween, I have been doing all the weird little things that I enjoy.
I cooked my Halloween costume:

Selected some pumpkins:

Baked a Tarte Tatin with those apples we picked a little while ago:

Did some knitting:
My So Called Scarf

Holding Hands,Feeding Ducks complete.

Op Art Blanket is almost complete

Now I am catching up on television.
I started watching Ravenswood, which is a spin off from Pretty Little Liars. I love creepy television. If they ever bring back Twin Peaks, I'll be in my glory. I'm also caught up on Walking Dead and Revenge. I started Watching Marvel Agents of Shield. and The Blacklist. Wow! Has that show ever left me with so many questions.

I just have a few tweaks to work out on our Halloween costumes and I'll say this holiday has gone perfectly well for me. After things are put to rights, I'll put up a few pics of our Halloween adventure.