Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh thank goodness. I made it to another week end. I had a very traumatizing week, but i emerge unharmed. I had to be an adult and meet with clients about the services we provide, (in the means of transportation! stop thinking those odd little thoughts). It went very well. In fact too well. I am now responsible to find another four buses to run for them at some very odd hours. Besides me, who else is up at 100am to drive around some foreign workers? You would be surprised at how many individuals actually sleep at that hour. Bizarre, I know.
I also attended my sock club at my local yarn store. Serious progress was made on Philosopher's House Socks.

One almost down and one more to go. These are just clicking along.

I also waged war against the cats for supremacy of a clean rug. They really, really, really hate the vacuum. It is their number one public enemy.

Rebel's tactic is to aim for higher ground.

Napoleon prefers to stare Death in the eye.
My vacuum has survived another use and lives to vacuum another day.

We had a great week for weather. The temperature has been in the upper 20s. For the American folk, I find to convert, double and add 30 and that is roughly the temperature from centigrade to Fahrenheit. Sooooo 20 x 2 = 40 + 30 = 70.

I spoke with my mom and step dad this evening. I like to check in with them, catch up on family gossip and hear what is weird and exciting in their little world. Buddy, who I affectionately refer to as the serial killer, has taken out most of the rodent population and is lining their heads on the front stoop. Actually, cramming the decapitated heads in the "O" of the Welcome mat. How is that for a welcome?
Step dad had a doctor's appointment. They go to those a lot. They were experiencing a little problem. Well, not so much they as a team, but him because it was his appointment. He needed to be "empty" and was not yet successful in attaining this goal. I am pretty sure I am going to hell for telling this story, but, I hate to keep a secret. If I can't tell friendly bloggers, with whom can I share?
So to remedy this little situation, they stop off at the grocery store and pick up some over the counter stuff. By stuff, I mean, things that go into the mainly exit only region. They need a fix up now, so they go in the restroom. Of the grocery store! He gets down on all fours. Mom acts as nurse. He saying, hurry the hell up (mom's name here). Someone will think we are doing something weird in here.
Doing something weird.
My level of weirdness and mine parents' are very, very different.
They however, saw nothing wrong with this situation and could not figure out why I was just screaming on the phone.
So, problem solved. Test results are good. And I'm pretty sure a minimum wage employee at the Superstore will never be the same.

I'm going to sit on the balcony tomorrow and enjoy the heat. I also plan on finishing my step dad's vest. I have my rye and rum all ready to go. Enjoy the week end everyone.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Need Some Clarification

I was wondering if any of you kind people out there and help me get my coolness. What on earth is a Hollaback girl?

This is what I have had taking up space in my head for three days now. Good thing I like this song.
Hope you are all well. Next time I'm able to be online I will share the progress on a few of the projects I have kicking around.
Night all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today was a great day. Any day when I get to go shopping for fun stuff is a great day.
First we went to the lys, where I acquired these:

There is Juju guarding the newly adopted yarn. I'm not sure what I will do with this lot. I was attracted to the brightness of them. I see a summery top coming my way. I was initially at the store to put in my order for some tickets to the stitch 'n pitch at the Skydome (Roger's Center) in August. I had an awesome time last year. I have been looking forward to doing this again since the 9th inning of the last game I attended.

I also bought some excellent clothes, dress, skirts, blouses and tanks. I was going through my wardrobe the other week, (I had nothing else to do as I was confined to my home due the blasted pager) and noticed that my clothes were starting to wear, tear and fade. Once in a while I like to bring home pieces and weed out the well loved clothes.

We also saw Wanted with Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. Great flick! Massive action going on. High speed chases, espionage, mystery.... the whole nine yards. After the movie, we had the urge to go to a bar or something because we were so pumped. When I was a cool kid, we used to do that all the time. See a movie, dinner and then clubbing. Now we like to go to dinner, see a movie and maybe ice cream. It depends on how late the show lets out. Hubby doesn't do very well past 2200.

At the moment, I am suffering from what I hope are allergies. Today alone we went through a box of tissues. I vote for allergies. If it is a cold, I will be taking drastic measures to be rid of it quickly. I have a theory that if i make contact with at least three other people, my cold will vanish. Take this as a warning to avoid me until it passes.

I'm off to sniffle in front of the television. I can keep my vampire hours this week end without any fear of the pager going off in the early morning like it has the past three week ends. It is someone else's demon for the next two weeks. :) <<< evil smile!

Hope you are all well. Night.