Thursday, September 8, 2011

When You Have a Ton of Pears.... learn how to cook lots of things. My other half came home from work one day with a very large bag of pears. This would be ideal for snacks if it was more than just two of us who enjoyed this fruit. We didn't want these green lovelies to go to waste. The internet proved once again to provide us with many ideas. Starting with Spiced D'Anjou Pear Bread It turned out amazing.
I just need to learn to read the recipes more thoroughly. It is for two loaves and I managed to fit the mixture into one pan. No harm though. The oven did not even get a taste of the concoction. I also made this Baked Pear Crisp:
While it was baking, it made the whole house smell wonderfully! It is not very sweet and entirely satisfying. Lastly, I made Curried Butternut Squash and Pear Soup.
There is a very important detail to be noted in the directions. The instructions say to hold down the top of the blender with a tea towel. Napoleon would absolutely agree that this is one important step. He is always underfoot when I am doing anything in the kitchen. I'm not sure if he will continue with this practice. I guess I didn't hold the top of the blender firm enough. As well, it was incredible hot. I don't know why this surprised me. I did in fact just remove the concoction from the stove top. Long story short, there was soup everywhere. The end result is fantastic and totally worth the little burn marks on my fingers:
My last little bit of news is my driver's license has finally been converted to the guidelines of this process. All I can say is, finally!