Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Pattern :)

I haven't been feeling well this week. I encountered some small creature who had the sniffles and now I feel like Death warmed over. Not a pleasant feeling. I am pleased to say that I have kept a meal down and have been upright for three hours. This is progress.
During those three hours I have watched the Leafs win their season opener against the Habs and post my finished sock pattern, Crossed, on Ravelry.

I still feel kind of gross. I think I passed my cold along to Rebel. He is more cantankerous than usual today. I think I'll just take my cold meds, grab my book and tuck myself in. Night everyone.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lovely Week End

I had a very nice week end. Nothing exciting happened. Just finished a few projects and learned how to make Pad Thai. Yes. More experiences in the kitchen.
I made a few toques!

This one is for my Mom to give to a neighbourhood boy who is helping my parents with a few things around their home.

This is one I am most proud of:

I look a bit like an elf there.

It is a Transformer Toque that I designed myself!

There will be a pattern to follow.

I had a craving for noodles yesterday. I searched online for an easy recipe. This one by Chez Pim was the most helpful.

I started out with these ingredients:

Noodles, a small Spanish onion, fish sauce, chili sauce, cilantro, lime, chicken, garlic power, brown sugar, vegetable oil and an egg. Sadly, I couldn't find tofu or tamarind. Next time, I'll make a special trip to find those ingredients. Grocery shopping for me is always like a treasure hunt. If you ever come across me, I'm the one muttering under my breath weird little chants.

You start by doing the prep work. You soak the noodles until they are flexible. As they are soaking, you start mixing up your sauce and heating up your wok really, really hot. By the time the fire alarm goes off, it's ready. Yes. I met my neighbours again. My sauce for this time around involved a generous pour of fish sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar, lime juice and 1/3 cup of water. I mixed that up so everything is all blended and the sugar is practically dissolved. Then I poured in my oil in three really generous tablespoons. I toss in my chopped onions. I don't really like a lot of onion, so they always go in before everything else so their flavour is in the oil. By the time the rest of the ingredients go in, they are barely there. Then I toss in my chopped up chicken with garlic powder and three tablespoons of the sauce. Once that is halfway cooked,I take the noodles out of the water and pat them dry. Then they get tossed in. I stir everything around and then move everything to the side. At this point, I cracked the egg and let it sit for a moment. Then I stir like mad again so everything is nice and blended. Last, I pour in the sauce. I keep stirring until everything is all meshed together.

The end result looks like this:

It tasted really awesome. This kitchen concept might not be so scary after all. Night everyone :)