Friday, February 15, 2008

Bad Gift-Giver

I have finally completed the toque to give a friend. There is one little hiccup. I don't want to. I love this hat. I worked hard on it. I named it Fuzzy:

Hubby brought up a good point this evening. He said: Do you think people notice that whenever you take pictures it has 95% of the time, the same background?
No, I replied. I never noticed.
So I examined my pictures. Yes. The backgrounds are all very similar. You see, I have a particular seat I love to sit on when I knit or just relax. It's my chair. It has the prime real estate spot in our apartment. From this position, I can look out the window, watch television and hear exactly what the cats are up to anywhere in the apartment. All my toys are placed within easy reach of this place. As long as you all do not mind, I will most likely continue to take pictures from this vantage point.
This has been a very long week for me. Today was particularly trying. I woke up with a headache. Whenever I get one of those, I know it will be an unwelcome guest in my head for the rest of the day. I think it was born from all the stress I have been feeling as of late. I believe everyone else in this neck of the woods have been undergoing something similar. The people I have encountered have very witchy. Minus the "w" and add a "b". Tomorrow will be Friday. A week end is long over due. This will be a special week end. It will be a long week end because of our new holiday: Family Day. There was a bit of debate in our company over this new holiday. At first, they (head cheeses), were going to allot us our day, but, take away the civic holiday we celebrate in August. I am under the impression that there was quite an uproar, as you can all well imagine. The end result: Family Day and Civic holiday are both a go! Thank goodness. We are all due a little R and R.
I am off to bed. I hope to be rid of this headache come morning.
Good night all.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Been Workin......Sorta

The good thing about winter is you are confined to the indoors at times. OK, I'm just a wuss. I hate the cold. It hurts to breath and hurts to have your eyes open. We walked to the in-laws for supper last. We always walk there and attempt to walk home, but it looks more like the path of a bee on crack. (We drink a little over.) I'm quite unhappy with the state of our town's sidewalks. I think I have climbed over cliffs less treacherous than that lovely stroll. The "walkway" is a good two feet higher than that of the street. In the path are these froze chunks of ice boulders. It hurt my feet. The sharp little shards felt like they were going through the sole of my boots. My boots are tough little buggers too. I used them for moshing in my mis-spent youth. They have a wickedly thick sole, the better to avoid shards of beer bottles from entering my foot.

OK, enough whining. Here is the progress on my socks:

Not bad eh?
My goal is to get them almost finished for when I begin my sock classes. At least it's a noble goal.

I've also been trying to put music on my ipod. So far the score is as follows:
Ipod 120 000 000 000
Jocelynn 0
I hate that the machine wins more often. Please no comments about it's not the machine, the operator. I think it is the machine. It conspires against me. I have a feeling it is trying to get the coffee maker to join it's regime. I will keep you posted.
That is about it I guess.
I'm off to play that super addictive Mario Galaxy. I am having troubles jumping and turning. It's this darn co-ordination thing.
Oh I remember now: not much longer until America's Next Top Model!!!!!
Take care all. I'm off to drink and rescue that pesky princess.