Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Survived Halloween

Halloween was amazing in our little Quebec town.
You could hear the screams for miles.
There was not a lot of clean up needed on our property because the trick or treaters refused to come anywhere near our door.
I wonder why......

The most amusing part was the difficulty I had trying to take a photo with Pyramid Head interacting with the tweeners.
The treators aged 10 to 13 absolutely refused to stand still long enough to receive candy in their bags let alone hold still long enough for me to take a 30 second photo.
The younger ones however, were very bold.
They treated the whole experience like they were visiting Mickey Mouse at Disney World; not some mass murderer from a horror flick.
When I walked with the little man so he can do a bit of trick or treating himself, we could hear the screams coming from our home for miles.

I finished my OpArt blanket for a friend:

It turned out so well Little Man has selected some vibrant colours so he could have one for his room.

I will start his blanket as soon as I finished my Newfoundland Mitts for a friend.

I'm off to make lunch.
I hope you all are keeping well!