Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harvesting and Croissants

The nights are getting cooler. The sun is setting earlier. The full Harvest moon will soon make its appearance. Autumn is just around the corner.
My tomatoes are still going strong.
I noticed the tomato plants in the neighbour's garden are mostly brown. The vivid red of the fruit really shows up.
My little garden is still a forest of green.

In the midst of this foliage are some really tasty tomatoes!

When we were planting the plants in at the start of the season, Hubs in a lot, and I do mean a lot of chicken fertilizer. That seems to be the trick for hardy plants.
the Rosemary is also thriving, along with a few other plants. The rest of my plants are coming to the end of days. We did use a lot of the herbs in various recipes over the summer.

Other plants that I thought were on their last legs also seem to have caught their second breath.

My lemon tree is also hanging in there.

I'm surprised at how large that fruit is and the thinness of the branch supporting it. I am also starting to question what sort of lemon tree is in my possession.

The Bread Maker
This fabulous machine should really have its own post. I blogging habits are very sporadic at best lately, so I am posting about my success here!
I have been craving croissants for some time. I don't really like the Pillsbury ones. Too salty.
I found a fabulous recipe, which is works, awesome!
It does involve a bit of work and waiting.
They turned out great!

The smoke detector is a key team player. It helped out before they were too brunt.

They were still really flaky!

Do you recall Rebel?
He is my oldest cat.
I have had him since I was in university many moons ago.
Well, this past week, he has scared the dickens out of me.
He was sleeping more, eating hardly anything.
I would put kibble in his dish, he would sniff it, then stare at the wall just above his head. Almost like he was communicating with someone else only he can see.
I was thinking, my goodness. After all these years, I might have to prepare myself.
This cat has traveled to all my homes, from southern to Ontario to Southern Quebec. He has traveled with me to Prince Edward Island. This cat has probably seen more of Canada than most humans who live in this great land.
I am pleased to say that he will probably have a few more adventures with me and my crew.
Yesterday morning, he ate as normal and then proceeded to chat up a storm to whoever would listen.