Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Did You Survive?

Christmas has come and gone for another year. I hope you all had a wonderful time, whatever holiday you celebrate.
We just tried our best to relax and enjoy the day. That is a bit difficult for me as I worked.
I did however receive a very special gift. I was called Mom. I may not be his biological mother, but we are family. We do the best we can. I try to teach and show him love. He actually does the same for me, even if he doesn't know it. I feel very blessed this holidays season. I could not ask for a single thing more.

The fuzzy children enjoyed Christmas.
Turns out Tommy has a thing for Candy Canes

While we were eating dinner, I could hear this bizarre crackling, crunching sounds. I could not quite place it. I turn around and lo and behold! There is Tommy, sitting all nonchalant, with his, what? face perfected.

Rebel just likes to sit back and watch the chaos.

Rebel is still having a rough go. He drinks lots of water, just has no interest in food whatsoever. I try my best to make him comfortable.
I was just telling hubs this morning, You know, this cat and I have been together longer than the average marriage.
That is 20 years under our belts Rebel. He has probably seen more of Canada than most people as he has traveled with me all over this beautiful country. I cannot possibly complain. He has been one of the best companions I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

We have been experiencing some interesting weather in Southern Quebec as well.
One day everything is covered in ice,

Then it all melts, next thing you know


Return to winter,

I read in the paper, today will be much colder. So all that wet stuff that fell during the night, yes, most likely to freeze.

I want to show you what I have been knitting. I have had so much fun with some of these projects!
I actually made two of these toques!
The pattern is called Fuck The Cold,
Hubs really likes his. It keeps his head warm.

Cthulhu Mittens

Still a work in progress.

Mitts for my Mom,
Bird Mittens,

Finally, a toque for Jacob,
Dead or Alive Fish Hat,

I have had a long night, so I must retire.
I hope you are all well.
Enjoy your holidays!