Friday, November 2, 2012

Forgot... show you our pumpkins!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year I helped the Caped Crusader navigate through our little town and enjoy some trick or treating.

He was quite the hit with the town.

We even managed to shell out some treats for the kiddies with help from an aging rocker.

Our little entourage received quite a few looks.

Since this is my holiday week, I was able to visit with a friend.
Unfortunately, I was quite ill.
Nothing says thank you for having me in your home like preforming a technicolour yawn.
However, we did make Whole Wheat Apple Nut Bread with a bread maker.
Have you seen these things? They are amazing little machines. It's my ideal way to cook anything.
Put things in a machine and walk away for four hours.
I love it!

When I arrived home this was waiting for me:

This might make some pretty interesting socks.

On a completely different note:
Has anyone noticed how awesome television is becoming?
Television programs have pretty much evolved into mini-movies. It's great. At one point, the highlight for most people was to watch a bunch of strangers battle it out on an island. Adult version of Gilligan's Island with a game strategy thrown in. Then there were the decades of talk shows and soaps. The occasional comdey, but nothing really OMG! We have to watch the next episode. T.V. was meh.
Now we have zombies, electronic apocalypse, Sci-fi, bikers, para-normal and everything in between.
What is your current favourite?
I'm going to continue my cross stitch and watch Project Runway.
Hope you all survived Hallowe'en.