Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Could be Right?

I have been working ever so hard on those socks. I have made a bit more progress:

It sort of looks like the picture doesn't it?

While I knit like a fiend, Hubby is busy mixing the medicine:

Why did they name this after B52s? I'm pretty sure it is not in remembrance of the pop group. Although, I really did dig that song Love Shack. How can you not wiggle your butt to that tune?

If I disappear of the internet, it is because of the little fuzzy techie:

Should have called him Chewy. He is also the reason I go without a phone for days and not realize it. I just like the quiet. I start to realize we have no phone when I start getting crazy emails wondering why I am screening my calls. I don't have that feature. That makes me examine all my cords more closely. Sure enough, I can then be seen at the techie stores asking for cords that resemble these, but less chewed.
I'm used to the weird looks now.
I'm off to knit a few swatches for my sock class tomorrow night. Look how responsible I am, doing homework!
America's Next Top Model is also on tonight. I have a busy night ahead of me.
Have a great evening. :)

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