Monday, November 2, 2015

363 Days to Go

Until next Halloween.
That is not much time.
We had better start planning.
We had a great Halloween.
This year, Little man was in charge of his costume idea.
His mission was to think and execute something with very little help from the adults.
He did fantastic.
Little man even won first in the school's Costume contest.

His inspiration was the puppet character Billy from the Saw movies.
The only thing I did to assist was sort out the make-up and make that bow tie.

I was a Day of the Dead person. I would love to know how those people get their hair so big!

Hubs was terrifying.

His theme was retired welder.

Can you imagine if you were a little one and this image greeted you at the door?

Hubs was wearing his big heavy work boots.
As soon as he heard the little feet moving towards the door, he would stamp his feet, scootch down so he would be at eye level with the little trick or treaters and the quickly wretch open the door.
Of course the little trick or treaters would be taken aback and physically move back a little, then Hubs would lift up his welders mask and there would be probably the most scariest face these little ones would see all night.
A few little ghouls would have a hard time opening their bags so I could put in candy.
One little witch just started running back to her mom. I followed, saying: Wait, wait. We have candy!!!
One lovely child was the Queen of the Hearts who calmly asked the scary welder, Please stay inside the house.
No problem
Here is more candy.

We noticed this year there were more little ones. I love that. It means a new generation to enjoy in the festivities.
I have no problems with older kids, teenagers, trick or treating. As long as they are wearing a costume.
I feel this is a holiday for the young and the young at heart.

From my family to yours,
Happy Halloween!

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