Thursday, June 9, 2011

La Belle Province...

..still will not let me convert my driver's license. I need to prove that I lived in Ontario for at least six months. I started to laugh a little when the lady at the wicket informed me of this tidbit. I have to prove it? Really? Listen to how I speak. I definitely do not possess the charming accent that is heard throughout this lovely province. Nor do I have that distinct American accent. All I really want to do at this point if provide your government with more of my money so I may acquire vehicle insurance in order to explore your scenic roads.
OK. Rules are rules. I will suck it up and deal with this new little hiccup.

How do I prove I lived in Ontario all my life?
Credit card bill.
No. Do not have a credit card.
Health Card.
Unfortunately lost during one of my moves. My bad, yes I know. Besides, this brings up a question for me. My health card was old school. It just had a series of numbers, my name and a red stripe. There was no address on it. How would that prove that I lived in Ontario for your required six months?
Doesn't matter, that is one of the accept documents.
Phone or cable bill of last six months.
I will have to make some phone calls.
While I'm here, can I least change over my plates?

Next drama, insurance.
I call the friendly insurance agent. I explain as best as I can that I have my license plate changed, unfortunately not my driver's license.
Why not you change your license driving?
I have to prove that I lived in Ontario for at least six months. Am I able to get insurance for my truck now that it is registered in Quebec?
I find out, hold on.
Yes, for now, but you need to have a Quebec driver's license.
OK. I'm working on that. I have another appointment next week.
Why did you not change your license while you were there?
I was not able to prove successfully that I lived in Ontario for six months.
Are you moving back to Ontario?
No. I'm trying to switch my license to Quebec. I have no intention of moving back to Ontario.
OK. So why didn't you change your license?
Um.......Insurance yes or no?
(this conversation went on in this fashion for 25 minutes)
Fast forward to the end......
I have insurance.
The kind insurance agent is giving me one month to change my license. Until then, I can at least drive legally in this province.

I telephoned the company who provided my with my cable while I lived in Ontario. They do not keep records. Try online was their suggestion. I did try online to find something that proved I lived in Ontario. No such luck. No previous address to be found my record of payments.

I telephone Bell Canada. Success!!! but it will cost me. At this point, I don't care. I just want this whole ordeal to be finished. They will gladly mail me at least eight months worth of bills so I may proved that I lived in Ontario. Fan-bloody-tastic!! I am a happy camper once again.

On a happier note....
the weather here has been unbelievable. I love how warm it has become. Yesterday it was 34C. This is a great improvement from last summer. The only downside is I have to try and coax Rebel out of his fort. With the weather being so warm, he sweats...a lot. Cat sweat in a cardboard box does not equal pleasant. Unfortunately he has barricaded himself in there pretty good. I may require a crowbar for this delicate operation. Then again, a Big Mac would do the job in a much more pleasant fashion.

Here is a tune stuck in my head. I'm going to share it so I am not the only one bopping around this little song :P

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