Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Further Experiments in the Kitchen

I did a bit of grocery shopping over the week end. Something possessed me to purchase crab meat. I believe it was the ready to serve on the label. This acquisition led to another of my many experiments in the kitchen.

I started off with frozen broccoli defrosted in the microwave:

There was more, but Napoleon sneaks it when I'm not looking. I had no idea cats loved broccoli.

I heated up some pre-made Alfredo sauce on low heat:

It looks all authentic in the sauce pan. I meant to take a picture, but I was busy protecting the broccoli.

I boiled my linguine:

I flaked up my crab meat.

I don't know what the proper term is, but I shredded up my Parmesan:

Poured a glass a wine from here:

Then mixed everything in my bowl:

Not bad eh?

I guess hunting broccoli makes you sleepy:

Night everyone :D

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