Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Wins and a Good Effort

Yesterday I was trying my hand at being one of those domestic goddesses I read about once in a while.
I pureed my first pumpkin.

Gorgeous scaly topcoat. I wish I could remember the name of this particular pumpkin. Even before I cut it open, it has a sweet smell.

For such a small pumpkin, it certainly has a lot of flesh inside.

I brush some olive oil and place it down on a cookie sheet to bake for about 45 minutes at 350.

Napoleon and Jackie were on hand to supervise the baking process.

Rebel is not really into Pumpkin. He is however a fan of Bruschetta.
So while the pumpkin is baking, I made some. I follow the recipe I just linked and it turns out pretty good.

Just think, that started out from our monster harvest of tomatoes!

Oh, that photo was taken after I did that blanche thing.

Rebel loves when I cook. I always drop stuff.

By the time the tomatoes have transformed into bruschetta, the pumpkin is ready to be pureed

This weekend, that will magically transform into Pumpkin Pie!

So that bit where I put in good effort.
I am struggling with the concept of watercolour.
I have been watching a few tutorials.
I have to watch a lot more.
Scratch that. I NEED to watch a lot more.
The bit I'm struggling with is the concept that less is more.
With oils and a few other mediums, I can layer the colour on thick. Eventually it will be what I want it to be.
Watercolour, I am discovering is a little different.
A bit more permanent.
Anyways, this is my painting of a Moose in Autumn.

Like I said, work in progress. The effort is there. I just need more practice.
Well, I had a long night. Time for me to turn in.
I hope you are all well.
See you later.

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