Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My current knitting project is in pause mode until the hole in my finger heals.
What can I say? I am an extreme knitter.
In the meantime I have been scaring myself silly playing Silent Hill: Homecoming and working a new pencil drawing.
Those little cut away scenes are freaky!

On a less twitchy note, this is my work in progress pencil drawing

I also made cake.
Who does not love cake when they fighting off the darkness.

It is based on a recipe by Add a Pinch's recipe Grandmother Verdie's Strawberry Cake
Not quite the image I was going for, but you get the point. It was delightful! All I have left are the crumbs and bits of buttercream icing cemented to the plate.

We are currently experiencing a cold snap in my neck of the woods.
I hope my little crocuses fair well. The tulips were just beginning to make their appearance.
I guess we wait and see.
I hope you are well.
Have a good day!

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