Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perhaps a Good Scrubbing.

I have been watching this television show called Revolution. An apocalypse comes about. The world has lost all of its electricity. No internet, lights, television, planes, vehicles etc. The population has to re-educate itself on survival again.
This got me wondering. Maybe we might benefit from some sort of extreme power loss. Maybe we would be cleansed of disease and pollutions. I am sure that it would be an intense hardship. A lot of life would be loss after the huge Earth cleanse. I like what was mentioned in Stephen King's The Stand. The Glen Bateman character said something to the effect that after the apocalypse, people will still die off in somewhat large numbers out of stupidity. People will have to learn how to store food effectively. What wild things can be eaten in relative safety.
I would like to think that I would be able to survive and function adequately. I think I would fair better in this electric apocalypse than a zombie one.

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