Friday, July 13, 2012

More Garden Stuff

Here is an photo update on the garden.
This bush is at the front of the house:

This is a close up of the flowers.

Morning Glories in the back:

A little rose bush I thought I might have accidentally killed when I left it unsupervised with Napoleon the Mad Gardener

Lilies of some sort? Is that right?

The bugs are getting at this one:

One lonely yellow flower in the sea of green

These are everywhere:

I guess that is about it.
See you later. :D


Friedrich Müller said...

Hi are those your plants? you must have a very beautiful garden, I like plants but I don't have a garde at home, but I would like to make grow up a lemon tree from a seed, would you mind advices of how to do it?

Jocelynn said...

Hi Friedrich, I must confess, I have acquired all of these plants with the house when we purchased it in February of this year. My garden abilities are really just trial and error along with a lot of help from google. For kicks and giggles I googled, grow a lemon tree from seed and was provided with quite a bit of information. I found this one quite interesting...
I am anxious to hear of your results if you do undertake such and endeavour.