Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse?

I was scrolling through weird news stories online and came across this interesting tidbit: Officer Shoots, Kills naked Attacker. Maybe the Zombie thing is happening and it's good I have all these strategic ideas in my brain.

We have also been very hard at work outside.
The Hubs caught in the act of working.

The gardens are completely overrun and I have no idea what half of that greenery could be. I can make some guesses but I thought maybe if any of you knew what some of these mysterious plants are, you could help me out. Everyday, there is something new that shows up. As long as it does not turn morph into Little Shop of Horrors, I'm good!

This is a really cool tree I love:

The branches and even the leaves are all twisty. I just discovered that there are two in that mess of a garden back there!

I know what these plants are because I actually planted them myself and kept the little information card that was attached.

These are the beginnings of my Morning Glories:

These are Gourds that we will turn into birdhouses.
I thought it would be a cool project for the kids, but I seem to be the one taking interest in the seedlings.

Lastly, this is what I see when I step out onto the back deck just beyond our property line:
I love having absolutely no one behind us.

So that is what has been keeping me off the internet most days when I am not working. I am still watching a lot of different shows on television. Once Upon A Time has finished for the season, The Killing only has a few more episodes left. I believe America's Next Top Model will be over tomorrow. I guess I will have to investigate what this Glee is all about. Apparently, it has caught on. ;)

I hope you all had a great week end. Cheers!


iris said...

that man which eating people is really horrible!

iris said...
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Jocelynn said...

You are right Iris. It is horrible. I linked it to my blog because I just could not believe something like that had happened. It was like something out of a television show.

Lori Buff said...

It was a horrible event. So shocking. Thankfully you have a garden to bring joy back into your life after reading articles like that. Beautiful Hostas!

Jocelynn said...

Thank you Lori. They are pretty cool. You should see them now. I need to take more pics....wanders off to find camera

-V said...

Psst! I nominated you for a blog award for 'new' blogs or blogs with under 200 followers because I enjoy reading your blog!! So yeah check out..