Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well that went by awfully quick eh? I hope everyone has survived and came out a little happier, more relaxed and surrounded by the people that love you. If that fails, I hope you had sufficient booze. I actually worked through Christmas. I didn't really mind. I enjoy my work. I was still able to spend time with my family. I did miss the big dinner but that has been merely postponed. We will all travel to my Mom's for New Year's. I think she is more excited than we are. She has been planning for a few months. This will be the kids' first trip to Ontario and I think they are a little worried. The only thing about which I'm a little apprehensive is the long drive for them to keep occupied. Then I remember it's not like how my sister and I were young children. We had our books and Walkman's with batteries that would last about one hour tops and then had to listen to my parent's music for the remainder of the trip. Now they have their DS's,Ipods and whatever little electronic thing to amuse them in a car for a few hours.
This was my first Christmas with children. It was definitely an amazing experience and I hope that I have many more to follow. The kids were thrilled with their presents. I believe it took them 2.7 minutes to open everything. That's has to be some sort of record right? One item has to be exchanged for a larger size. You would think I would have learned from a past boxing day experience not to go out there! It's like a zombie apocalypse or something. I thought it would be a little easier because we would leave for the mall when I finished work. It was actually easier, but we were missing a few details.
We arrived at the mall at 10h00. We thought it weird that were not that many vehicles in the parking lot but figured we were just lucky.
Then we noticed a huge line forming outside Future Shop.
That's a bit odd.
Oh well.
We continue to the mall.
All the stores are locked up.
Maybe they open at 11h00 today.
As we are waiting outside this particular store to make the exchange a security guard that sort of reminds me of a Smurf informs us that the stores will not open until 13h00 and will not do exchanges. If the store opens prior, it will a 3000$ fine.
We make the decision to wait until after New Year's to do our little exchange as we notice the crowds start to form outside all of the stores. I don't like people enough to spend this much time in a line waiting to do a less than ten minute transaction.
Well then, let's share some pics!
Our Christmas tree:
No, I didn't toilet paper our tree. That is ribbon. ;)

Very important coffee!!!!

Hubby opening/examining his gift.

Napoleon pretending to be a present.

Rebel being "amused"...

Tom not being amused by anything..
There are pics of the human children, but I feel weird about posting pictures of children online.

Looking at the date at the bottom of my screen, I realize I'm a bit late, but
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope this year will be everything that you need it to be.

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