Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Someone Has an Unhappy :(

I have an idea who they are. For some reason, people always feel a lot stronger when they can make comments and hide behind a screen or talk behind their back. I can also include myself in that group. I do say things on here I would never say face to face. Most of those thoughts are about feelings. I don't really like expressing those pesky tings. I am proud that I have never sworn or cursed anyone out. There is a line I can recall, swearing is what you resort to when you have nothing of value to say...
I always have something to say. :D
In this case, I'll case I will say...shove angry man. You way past your expiration date. It is time to move on and find another target to aim for that is maybe even in your province. I wish you well and health. I hope whatever anger you keep harbouring finds a more creative outlet soon. It is not healthy to keep coming back and reading my posts. You have to get out more. Do something. Run, play some sort of sport. Find another avenue for your aggression. Maybe you need to examine your life at this point and find out exactly what is really bothering you. It can't be me. I'm no where near your vicinity. Maybe someone else in your life is not living up to your code and I'm a safe substitute. Whatever is going on in your life, you need to make changes. Take care.


Aleksandra Orin said...

If U sad, go painting! :D
It's the best way to be happy.
I found some inspiration. come ON!

Jocelynn said...

You are very right Aleksandra! I have been drawing, not painting as of yet. What sort of inspiration? I'm curious please. :D

Amanda Kline said...

I've always felt that what cheers me up the most is making someone else happy. Maybe it is the karma vibes. Like seeing their happiness is contagious.

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What have you done for someone else today?