Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Wednesday?

Well that arrived awful quick. Last I remember I was driving back from Quebec. It was a long week end for us in Ontario. We celebrated Family Day on Monday. I spent my week end with a new addition to my family. :) I had an amazing time. Because of the distance, we celebrated Valentine's Day a week late. It was worth it.

I don't really want to say too much yet. I'm sure I will at a later time.

A co-worker was going through her Mom's belongings. Her Mom had moved into a different kind of living arrangement. In the process, co-worker came across a ton of knitting tools. She brought these into work for those of us who knit to peruse.

There are these circular needles in the mix that I absolutely love! The joint from the wire that connects to the needles are so smooth. I attribute that to the fact it is made of plastic and formed as one piece rather than having a join. At any rate, I love them. The yarn passes so smoothly over that little join.

Since I have completed my mittens, I was looking for another project. I decided to work on another pair of socks. They give my brain a bit of a rest after such an intense period of creativity.

I love self stripping yarn. It makes your project looks so much more complex than it is. I am really liking this mix. I do not have red and black stripe socks yet. :)

Well that is about all that is happening in my little world right now. My brain is still recovering from the week end. I hope you have been enjoying your week and the weather is to your liking. It's been a bit of a reprieve here from the colder temperatures. I never thought I would ever consider -10C balmy. Ah well. Winter in Canada. Such an adventure. Enjoy your day tomorrow. :)

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