Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Present.....

For me. From me!

My little parcel here has traveled farther than I have for the moment. It was mistakenly sent to Cambodia.

But it managed to find it's way to my home. It arrived in a cute little box:

This was in the box:

A necklace which has a portion of a print of from the Audubon Society Nature Encyclopedia. I was all over that when I first saw it!

The creator, Erica. has a fabulous shop on Etsy. She has all sorts of neat and interesting pieces.

After I finished checking out my new purchase, I started to paint. I am finally liking where this piece is going.

It was way too yellow before. I couldn't seem to add any depth. It felt wrong and I just couldn't see why. I think I have it now. When it dries a bit, I will go in and clean it up a bit so it is not so muddy.

I also worked on a new cardigan:

It is called Sunkist Cardi by Kirsten Kapur. It is worked from the shoulders down on a circular needle as one piece. I am a huge fan of one piece and little seaming!

I also enjoyed watching Rebel play with his toy today:

Well that is cool! I've never uploaded video before.

Napoleon had a great time all in his own right:

This is why I go through so many mouse things.

He likes the sound things make when they hit the ground, like I don't know,dropping my keys behind the stove for example :(

Now you are all up to date about what happens at chez Jocelynn's. lol. I hope you all have a great week end!

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