Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Want My Hour Back Please.....NAO!!!!!

Alice in Wonderland was awesome. I loved how it was based more on the written story than the cartoon version from the 1950s. I won't spoil the story, but omg, I really enjoyed it. It even came with glasses:

They have a weird dust covering them because I had to wrestle them from Rebel. After I took the picture, Rebel jumped right back on them. I guess they belong to him.

After the move we went to the book store in town, Indigo. I came with this:

I love this author. I like how he takes a story you are very familiar with and spins it to another perspective.

There were no adventures in the kitchen this week end. I feel almost stoned. I hate this spring ahead nonsense. To add to the challenge, I get to into work an hour and half earlier. This will not be pretty.
Since I'm not really able to focus on anything, I've been stumbling around the net. I have come across a few really cool things.
Like for instance these clocks. I have never seen anything like these before.
I was also looking into the Alice in Wonderland story and found this site about this expedition kit. THIS HAS SOME QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND CHILDREN VIEW THIS SITE.

Hmmm. I think that covers my week end. I hope you all had a great one. See you later. :D

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