Monday, April 28, 2008


Finally! My Jacobeans are complete!

I spent the entire week end on them. This was probably a good move for the bank account as I was trapped in front of my television as opposed to being in a mall.
They look more like knee socks. I'm OK with that image. A sock is a sock. I was a bit sidetracked. I was watching a lot of cool movies and I forgot to look down to look at my project. Last night was the kicker. I was watching Constantine with my creative assisstant:

He did not fare as well.

What does that say about my sleep habits?
I can outlast a nocturnal creature.

Napoleon is actually still resting. I guess he can't keep up with the late hours.

I am actually going to try and rest tonight. I believe I have caught hubby's cold. How does that saying go? A family that shares........

I keep saying we don't have to share everything.
Have a good night all.

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