Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun Times

After work today, Hubby and I went to the LYS. (I have just discovered what this acronym stands for: Local Yarn Shop; How clever.) I love the lady that runs the store. She is truly an awesome person. Always has a smile and very quick witted. That alone gets my respect.
Anyway, a purchase was made:

But wait! There is more:

Can you see that? It comes with a matching thread for re-enforcing the heels if you so choose. How excellent! The colours just screamed at me: Hey! Hey you! I'm coming home with you!
Who am I to argue with the yarn?
I have never actually re-enforced a heel. I'm very willing to give it a go. I feel motivated!
I think I made the correct choice. Napoleon approves:

We also found some cool games:

I am looking forward to playing that brawling one with some friends that are coming over tomorrow night.
A co-worker was going through some closets in her home, (as opposed to someone else's closets,) and sent these little gems my way:

I see a little funky sweater in the mix.
I am going to have one busy week end. Knitting and gaming, oh my.
I hope you are all well. Have a great night.

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