Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome To The Family Eco

I now have a pair of anklet socks! They turned out as I had hoped they would, fitting just the way I like: very close to my feet. I do not enjoy baggy socks. They get sucked to the sole of my shoes too easily.

These are my happy feet in their new anklet socks.

Looks decent with my jeans. I'm glad I made them. They will become my lazy Sunday socks!

Did anyone else watch the new Terminator show on television tonight? OMG!!! This is the reason why I love my t.v. This show rocked. It moved fast and had a lot of action. I loved how it complimented the movies. You know, I always was curious about how Sarah Connor felt about her situation. Apparently it is a two night premier. I will have to remember to watch it tomorrow night. I have a posted a sticky to my television. :)
Hope everyone had a great week end. I am wishing we had three day week ends. If that ever became the case, then I am sure I would wish for four day week end and so on and so forth.
Have a great night everyone.

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