Thursday, January 10, 2008

And on a Happier Note....

I don't know about all of you, but, I seriously hate paperwork. I realize hate is a very strong word. It fits my situation. Since we have had a new employer, they are trying to mix both worlds into a more cohesive unit. This means, more paperwork. The current task I must undertake is to complete a bunch of forms of my work history and past residences. Oh Good Lord. Do you remember your address seven years ago? I can only remember parts. Mainly the city and province. I needed assistance for this task. My first lifeline was hubby. He was helpful. He was able to supply with me details of streets and years. Excellent.
Unfortunately, I had to parents.
I really do love these people, but they make you work for their info. (Ask the poor young man making minimum wage at a store oh whom mom requested he take apart packaging to ensure that all the parts were there.) My step-dad answered the phone. OK, not a problem. I'm sure he will know some of the stuff I need. I asked him if he remembered the postal code from our little corner house. He answered in the affirmative. Excellent. Things are looking up. I may be able to avoid a very unhappy email from the boss tomorrow. I will have something on her desk on time, for once. Good, good. I should have been more specific with my question. For instance: Can you please tell me the postal code of our little house on the corner? Hindsight, as they say is 20-20. Dad proceeded to tell me of their excursion to the store to return to the too small jeans we procured for him for Christmas. He also went on to say he got a real bitchin' hat, (OK, my words, not his). It is one of those fur lined little numbers with ear flaps. As well, he took my mom to a very nice lunch at The Zellers. Not to knock Zellers. I go there quite often. They have an excellent selection of video games and DVDs. (Just a side note: they are in cahoots with Hudson Bay Company and Home Outfitters). I'm sure mom would love to go to a restaurant with table cloths at some point. (Before you all get upset with me, I take her to dinner, often, to places that have real silverware and table cloths. Oh my.)
Finally, he was able to provide me with the postal code about 45 minutes into the conversation. The phone was then passed over to my mom, who continued to tell me the complete address history of my entire life from birth to present with phone numbers. Impressive? Oh yes. But wait! There is more. Oh yes. She also was able to tell me of our neighbours and the little friends on my street, even the odd one who liked her shoes. (This particular little friend was a boy. If I haven't already, I will one day tell you of our very detailed conversation of Ru-Paul.) However, I do have my deadline.
At the end of our conversation, (although this is a loose term because a conversation would imply that were there two people involved) I had the information I required. Thank you mom and dad. I really do appreciate all the care and attention you put into absolutely everything you do, even if I do poke fun. :)

On a happier note:
Here are some pics of my sock:

This is a close up of my heal. Literally, this is MY heal. :) I am currently trying to find a new way to complete heals. I am proudly self-taught. I would however, like to know a few other methods, just for variety.

This is one of two socks to be completed. Yes, this is also my foot. hehe.
It is actually a bit tight, however, I am very OK with this feeling. It means that my sock will not slip into my shoe. This will avoid those awkward moments when I have to remove my sneaker to search for my missing sock. This usually occurs in crowded department stores. Perhaps, I am a bit touchy in these situations?
Oh well, onto sock number two. I refuse to suffer from second sock syndrome. My friend has shown me a method that knits two socks together on two circular needles. Let me tell you, this is boss. I love how it works. I can't wait to try it myself. I just need to acquire these needles. This means waking up Saturday morning. I don't usually see these mornings unless I am attending some sort of special event. I am considering this a special event. I will have two circulars for the means of which to avoid second sock syndrome. Wish me luck. Morning is not really a friend of mine.
Have a good night everyone. :)

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