Monday, September 21, 2015

Almost There

Little steps.
One foot in the front of the other.
You got this!

I'm back at work. It was a long week, but I feel like I performed as a decent human being.
This week I also went for my next blood test to make sure the body is functioning as it should.
The nurse who telephoned with the results was so kind. She reminds me of someone who should have been on Sesame Street.
She has empathy and is able to speak without being condescending or using that pitying tone that I heard a lot of these past few weeks.
My body apparently is almost on the way back to normal.
What a bizarre word to describe something that certainly does not feel normal.

I have been watching a great anime series titled Death Note. I love animes that a strong theme of the supernatural coupled with intense character studies. It makes me wonder how I would respond in a similar situation. You know, like if I ever find a magical book that gives me the power to decide life and death.

As I binge watch my programs, I enjoy knitting.
My current projects are still my Fairy Princess Stole, which is turning out better than expected!

I cannot work on my stole while Death Note. I have to read the subtitles.
This is my other work in progress, Why So Serious Socks by Jennifer Vancalcar.

This is such a fun sock. The pattern is simple but interesting enough to keep me knitting away like a happy little fiend.

Have any of you tried Windows 10?
I'm starting to really warm up to the operating system. Especially they introduced me to iMovies app.
Now I can watch all those movies that Hubs has absolutely no interest in viewing.