Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Have A Plan!!

I really do have a plan. As of late, I have been feeling a little lazy. I do not like this feeling. It does not sit well with me. When I feel like this, I start to think. When I start to think, I formulate a plan of action. It is action that I shall do.
I go back to "normal" work tomorrow. This means I go in at my ideal time of 930. I love this shift. I sleep so much better. I don't have that tired feeling all day. It is awesome.
Anyway, on with my plan: Hubby leaves way earlier than I do in the morning. What I was thinking was I wake up at his time, and get this: go on the elliptical machine that has been sitting in my office gathering dust. I will go on this machine, listening to my Ipod (named Fred) and reading books that I have purchased over the years and not yet had the chance to read. This is what I like to call win-win. I do not like seeing parts of my body wiggle. Some parts are supposed to wiggle. Other parts should not partake in this activity. Hopefully, I will tone up and feel that all those books will not feel neglected.
I had a great week-end. I visited with my friend. We ate some very excellent food and drank some very good booze. We also knitted and watched Crash. (Note to self, do not drink and try to do math.) I can't believe I had not seen this movie until yesterday. It is one of those that make you think about your frame of perception and human nature. It is a very excellent flick. I would highly recommend this movie to those of you who have been under a rock like I have been for a lengthy period of time.

I am also thrilled to report that I have been doing some very serious knitting. Hubby's sweater is turning out so good. I am very proud of myself. Let me show you how much progress I have made:

I am at the part where I start to sew the sleeves and the sides. I love this part.

I take great pride in making an invisible seam.

I also had to knit some panels for the underarms and the sides. Hubby has very big shoulders and my math skills are not very strong. (My guess is because of the excellent booze.) He likes to have a bit of room in the shoulder area so he does not feel like he would "incredible Hulk" the clothing. I am very alright with this preference. I do not like to repair as much as I like to sew. I avoid this action whenever possible.

I have also worked on my little ankle socks. I love working on socks when I want to watch something that requires a great deal of concentration. I prefer to just use a basic stockinette stitch and let the yarn do the work.

Which reminds me; let me show you some sock yarn I have acquired:

This one even has boots written right on the label.

I love the bright colours in these balls.
I purchased two balls because my intent is to make very long socks that show over the top of my boots. I am very cold all the time and there is nothing better than comfortably warm feet. Besides, the wool looks so good.

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