Monday, November 16, 2009

Secret Identity

Here I am at work. For a brief moment, I am all caught up on my paperwork. This rarely happens. There must be something I'm forgetting to complete. At any rate, I'm surfing the online news sites and stumbled on this title: "Belle De Jour" call girl exposes herself..... Further reading of this explained that is the lady whose life the television show, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, was based.
This got me to thinking. If you could have a secret identity, what would you do? Let's just say, there would be no repercussions, no limit of funds and no limit for travel. You can be anything you want.
I would like to be a villain. Someone that gets to wear a cool costume and kick ass boots. I'd be able to actually run in said boots as well. I'd love to have a supernatural power. Perhaps teleportation. I'd get to utter that line: to take over the world (insert evil laugh here). I just sometimes wish I wasn't always on my best behaviour. I'd love to cause a little chaos every once in a while.
Happy Monday everyone. It's the start of a new week and maybe some new experiences.

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