Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rebel's Book Club

It has been a wonderful week end so far. There has not been the rain that the weather people were initially calling for. In fact, it's been unseasonably warm. We went on our excursions this week end with only a light jacket. I'm loving this weather.
They have just built an Indigo book store in our little town. We couldn't drive by without stopping in. Hubby and I both found lots that to amuse ourselves with. Rebel seems to have taken an interest in our selections as well:

We found another Christopher Moore book:

I love this author's quirky sense of humour.

We also stumbled onto another of Marian Keyes' novels:

I think it is safe to say, there is probably not one book that she has written that I have not enjoyed. I'm a bit addicted to this author.

Hubby found another addition to the Dexter series:

I also found something that seemed a bit off the beaten path. Have to wait and see if I really enjoy this one:

Napoleon is more of a magazine lover:

Not as much as he would like to read it, merely sleep on. It's smooth surface makes for an excellent napping spot.

I guess all the excitement with the photo-shoot can tucker a kitty out:

On our walk today, we came across this neat looking tree:

I think it inspires all sorts of stories and pictures. That is one on the reasons I enjoy our walks so much. There is always something to catch our attention.

When we arrived home again, we settled in to watch a movies. We rented G I Joe; The Rise of Cobra, Drag Me to Hell and Bood; The Last Vampire. The last one is based on an anime film that we really enjoyed. We will watch that one tomorrow night. Wow! Are we ever wild. We watched two movies and I worked on my new scarf:

It is from the spring issue of Knitty, called Lace Ribbon Scarf.

Heehee. This week end might not be for everyone, but it is our favourite thing to do. I hope that whatever you all end up doing this week end, you have a great time. See you all later. :)

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